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Making industrial processes simple

The Warminster Fiberglass Company was founded with a clear mission: helping our clients optimize and streamline their industrial processes. We have been in the business for close to six decades, since our inception in 1958.

From the outset, we have focused on innovative engineering, bringing cutting-edge technologies and techniques for producing fiberglass-reinforced consoles and panels, along with a host of other products for industrial applications. Our clients include industrial facilities, water, and wastewater treatment plants. We work with industrial organizations of all scales and sizes, from startups to established companies.

We adhere to the best industry practices and comply with the modern testing standards to deliver products that are top of the line. We guarantee timely delivery without compromising on quality, ensuring we meet your requirements. From fiberglass consoles to odor control covers to finger weirs, our products can assist you in simplifying and improving the efficiency and performance of your systems and team.

Our experienced team of engineers enables you to benefit from the high performance standards of our products, meeting our quality levels at each stage of the process, from design concept to production. What sets us apart is our emphasis on complete on-site lab testing, helping you save time and money.

Our passion is in making, our expertise is in engineering. From Public Utilities to Fortune 500s, we consult on product testing and design for mass production.